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Want Your School To Be A
Cool Food School?

We visit schools and preschools all over Leinster to impart our love of healthy food to school children in a fun and engaging way. We love helping them overcome their fears around food (especially veggies!) and have lots of different options for schools to choose from!


Hope to see you soon,


Some of our Cool Food Schools



We have 2 options for our preschoolers :

6 week term

Our pre-school programme is made up of 6 x40 minute long classes that introduce children aged 3-5 to healthy food through a variety of fun and interactive workshops. They'll get to see how it's grown, talk about how it's eaten, make food rainbows, plant a lettuce, stuff mushrooms and lots more!

Included in the course are:

Hand-outs for parents, Relevant food and a Certificate of completion for all children

One-off workshops

We offer popular, one-off 40 minute workshops that can be based around a theme like Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, Easter and more. Or we can tailor an event to your needs. You just have to ask!

Included in these workshops is hand-outs for parents and all relevant food.

Contact us for more information!


Primary Schools
(Junior Infants – Sixth Class)

Options for primary schools include workshops for year groups or the whole school.

Sample workshops :
- A sensory food journey
- Food Listening
- Healthy Smoothies (Luke loves this one!)

Contact us for more information!


Transition years

Looking for something different for your TY group? How about one of these workshops?

- A sensory food journey (suitable for large groups)

- Healthy smoothies (groups of 30 approx.)

- Power balls (groups of 30 approx).

We also offer tailored workshops to suit your requirements, all you have to do is ask!