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About The Cool Food School

At the Cool Food School, we promote healthy eating in a fun and interactive environment for kids of all ages. We travel to schools, preschools, and parties to teach children the value of eating healthily through a range of fun workshops and camps designed to encourage them to develop healthy habits!

Established by BTEC-qualified Health Coach Deirdre with the mission to teach children of all ages about the joys of healthy eating, The Cool Food School has travelled all around Leinster to do just that.

We’re all about encouraging children to enjoy wholesome foods for a happier and healthier life.


About Deirdre

Hi, my name is Deirdre and I set up The Cool Food School in 2018. I’m a mum to 3 funny, annoying, busy children who are in primary and secondary school and they inspire me to make the world a better, healthier place for all children! They are also the inspiration behind my friends, Molly, Ollie and Chuck!

- Deirdre


Meet The Cool Food School Team



The Kitchen Whizz!

I’m the fun-loving and active camp leader at The Cool Food School who loves to teach children to develop healthy habits in a fun environment. When I’m not running and doing cartwheels and munching on healthy treats which I bake myself, you can find me on the Summer Camp and Upcoming Events pages!



Leader of The Bunch!

I’m the resident chef at The Cool Food School and love nothing more than to cook up a storm of healthy treats. I’m a bit of a perfectionist with a penchant for cook books who loves teaching children how to use natural ingredients to eat healthier. You can find me on the Birthdays and Shop pages.



I’m The Cheeky One!

I love annoying my brother and sister almost as much as I love playing football. To keep up my energy for football, I love making healthy snacks in the kitchen or stealing some from Ollie and Molly! You can find me all over the website keeping the others on their toes.