Taste N'Tell Discovering Food Series

Taste N'Tell Discovering Food Series


The scientifically proven REAL (Reading • Eating • Learning ) System™ has three key components designed to help you and your child tackle early reading, eating and learning.

The REAL Platform

The Platform consists of three components:

1. The wipe clean base
2. The removable pod/container
3. The book

The pod has a bayonet (twist and lock) mechanism on the underside to secure it onto the base. The pod lid has a double-click mechanism to allow dual-use by parent or child. The double click prevents the child from opening it too early. The single click makes the opening of the pod, under supervision, easier for a child.

The REAL SystemTM Components – a series of interchangeable books

The books are designed in a lie- at board book format. They each have eight substantial glossy card leaves.The left-hand page of each double spread has large vivid photographs of individual foods, showing images of the food:
• in whole form

• sliced on a plate
• the origins of where they come from e.g. a tree

On the right-hand side is the character e.g. Holly honeybee, interacting with the illustrated food.

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