Another day, another dinner

Another day, another dinner!

The kids have decided to improve on their pseudonyms and we now have a Test Subject 1 (10yr old), Hermione (7 yr old) and Shadow Claw (6 yr old). I take back what I said in my last post about the lack of creativity in their name choices!

Today, I wanted to use up some broccoli and mushrooms so threw them into a pot with some chicken, loads of immune boosting garlic and ginger, half a butternut squash, fresh spinach, onions (of course), some soy sauce, coconut milk and a tin of tomatoes.

Chop, chop, chop as usual I’m double or triple jobbing in the kitchen! While I’m chopping the veg, I also have to listen to reading from Test Subject 1 and set up painting for the other two. In general, peace reigns which makes for an unusually quiet afternoon. It won’t last, methinks…

Throw in some frozen peas (for Vitamin’s A, C, K, fibre and more) and sweetcorn, some fresh coriander and doh! forgot the rice! While waiting for the rice (brown of course!), I do a bit of work on the nutrition workshops I am teaching in afterschool clubs in a couple of local schools. The first one is an Introduction to Nutrition where I bring a large range of fresh fruit and veg into the class and give the kids a chance to look, feel and smell them before we do a fun quiz! Well, I think it’s fun anyway!

The rice is ready, dinner is plated and the table is set. Ready to go except………... Hermione has a meltdown because her rice and chicken are on the same plate. This is a new challenge that I haven’t really come across before so, while the rest of us sit down to eat, Hermione does gymnastics. Eventually, after some shouting, crying and door slamming, she sits down to eat at which stage everyone else has finished. A quick game of Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit keeps everyone happy!



Deirdre Doyle